Glee Rewatch: Silly Love Songs (2x12)


I loved how much of an ensemble piece this felt like.

Rachel/Santana/Kurt parallel! They’re all the unconsidered third party here, with Finn/Quinn, Puck/Lauren, and Blaine/Jeremiah.

What counts as wooing?

Will - Just like the duets assignment, Will doesn’t consider the fact that some people aren’t dating. Mercedes’ eyeroll here is epic. When Will presumes again at prom, she walks out.

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The SDCC Files: The Black Panel | Racialicious - the intersection of race and pop culture


racialicious did a great Storify recap of this year’s Black Panel at SDCC. For those of you who don’t know, The Black Panel is like when people more famous than BGT do a live episode of BGT at San Diego Comic Con since BGT was not at San Diego Comic Con. 

Kidding aside, it’s a great annual panel where they get Black creatives in a room to Q&A and generally vibe with other creatives and fans about what it’s like to be Black in the industry, and how we as a community can get together and lift ev’ry voice, overcome, and not be moved in various forms of media and entertainment. 

This year’s panel included Tumblr faves like theorlandojones. Don’t worry y’all, Nicole Beharie was there on the Women Who Kick Ass Panel, because, of course. And personal faves like Cree Summer, aka one of the many CBG prototypes, aka Queen Cree: Grand High Priestess of The Church Of Cree Summer and Latter Day Bonets. I am a deaconess in this church. 

(you can all thank Fatima for this)

Anyway! Check out the recap in the link above. 


The fact that this panel has been happening at SDCC for 16 years and this is THE FIRST TIME I HAVE HEARD OF IT, is really infuriating. But this was so interesting and I wish more people covered it. I think everyone interested in representation should check this out.

now I don’t want to sound cocky or anything




but you and your ragtag team of poverty-stricken homophobes and enablers better bring it at regionals because me and my boys back at gay hogwarts are fucking flawless

now talk at me while i eat

It’s gotten to the point that whenever I see the real episode I’m genuinely confused when I don’t hear “now talk at me while I eat”

Not sure if this would help after the nightmare you just had. But imagine, Blaine and Kurt as dads and their kid wants to enter a Halloween costume contest at school. Their kid really wants to win and he wants to dress up as thor. Kurt works really hard on the costume. Blaine watches all of the thor movies/comic with his kid. So his kid gets the right characterization. Uncle Sam, helps the kid, with perfecting Thor accent.

Awww, that is actually the sweetest idea!!! I can definitely imagine their kid always winning costume contests because Kurt makes him the most creative and amazing costumes, and he loves comic book characters and sci fi characters because he watches them

With his Daddy Blaine and Uncle Sam. Like one year Kurt makes him a Chewbacca costume that was super cool and Sam tried to teach him a Chewbacca impression. And when they went trick or treating, Blaine was C3PO and Kurt was Han Solo.

Your dream sounds awful :( There you go, a beautiful Klaine: "Standing in the light" by Glitterandpaws. Hope you like it :)

Thanks, Anon! I’ll look it up.

Sorry for your eyes, did you, at least, consult a doctor for the bleach ?

Thanks, Anon.

Nah, my sister in law was a nursing student, it was just a drop, She told me to stand in the shower and let the warm water rinse my eye. It was a little sore and I haven’t worn my contacts since it happened (plus, floor set week at work means dust everywhere, so my eyes were already itchy).

I appreciate your concern!